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The Beauty Expert weighs in on natural skincare recipes in this exclusive 11 part radio series on It's Your Health Radio!

Elizabeth shares her natural beauty recipes from her new book, Reaching for Beauty: Natural Skincare for Natural Beauty, available June 25, 2013 on Amazon & fine booksellers everywhere!

Elizabeth Shares How to Get Lustrous Locks for Dry Hair

Elizabeth Gives Listeners Beauty Recipes for Kissable Lips

Elizabeth Offers Gentle Exfoliating Recipe for a Soft Décolleté

Elizabeth Tells Listeners How to do an At-Home DIY Steam Facial

Elizabeth Talks About her Chlorophyll & Lemon Cleansing Body Scrub

Elizabeth Provides Indulgent Mud Face & Body Mask Beauty Recipe

Elizabeth Teaches Listeners How to De-Puff Under-Eye Bags

Elizabeth Gives Listeners a Sudsy & Moisturizing Beauty Recipe for Feet

Elizabeth Shares her Brightening & Softening Hand Treatment

Elizabeth Provides Listeners with DIY Fruit Acid Facial Recipe

Elizabeth Offers Tips for Clear Skin Through De-Stressing