Beauty Research

Elizabeth travels the world in research of the best beauty ingredients for her beauty recipes. She may find textured honeycomb at the local farmer's market in New York, or eucalyptus honey at a vendor in Spain. Elizabeth takes great pride in her creative beauty recipes, which are regularly featured on television, online and in national publications, such as: Health, Natural Solutions, Natural Health, Working Mother, Well Bella, Your Health Connection, KTLA, It's Your Health T.V., Discover Channel's Planet Green and US Weekly to name a few.

Dead Sea in Israel

The Dead Sea in Israel has been a source of beauty and health since the time of Cleopatra. The salt in the water and mineral-rich mud containing Magnesium, Iodine and Calcium penetrates deep into the skin, replenishing nutrients to your skin cells for a full-body glowing complexion. Elizabeth traveled to Israel and spent time in the Dead Sea with a full-body mud mask and salt beauty treatments. She also visited the Ahava Skincare Institute, headquartered in Israel, where she further researched the salts, oils, mud, and minerals of the Dead Sea.

Beauty in Barcelona

Elizabeth traveled to a monastery in Spain, where she found vendors selling unique beauty ingredients.  Among the Spanish Montserrat finds were various types of honey: eucalyptus, taronger, romani, and bosc.  Honey is nature's moisturizer and it has anti-bacterial properties important for clarifying and hydrating your skin.  Elizabeth also discovered luxurious muguet oil and muguet coarse sea salt, a perfect combination for aromatic softening exfoliation.